Rainy Wedding Day Topeka, KS 05-16-2021

The day started with Margaret in the Capitol Plaza Topeka and Seth in the Marriott. Morning started early for the girls getting ready from getting hair done, makeup and all of the before ceremony shots with her girls. Margaret's beautiful nieces entertained us all morning with their giggles and wild imaginations. Loved every moment. I loved the way this day started, however it all got better when the first look times rolled around......

Margaret was not in her dress, anxiously and calmly waiting to see her groom for the first time (hiding in a place where Seth could not see her)..... when we could not find the groom! We were all searching for him and come to find out he was just by the car out front cleaning his glasses so he can see his beautiful bride for the first time. Shortly after he is done we get him placed on a sidewalk between some beautiful shrubbery and flowers for the first look. Amazing!!!! This part of a wedding day is always my favorite and always leaves way more time for portraits.

I am so happy for these two... and their day was absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to be sending them their gallery this week. For now, get lost in their beautiful images from the day.