Beautiful Enchanting Spring Wedding 04-24-2021

I am writing this swooning over all of their wedding images! I needed to write asap before my thoughts left my mind. I always leave a wedding feeling like apart of the family and I felt the same on their special day. It was a beautiful day and I do not think it could of been anymore perfect.

They got married on a beautiful, sunny day and while it was chilly, it was absolutely perfect. We were obsessed with the dresses, the kindness of the staff, the beauty of the venue, the amazing food, and the incredibly high amount of energy that came from such a small guest count. Cardinal Creek Farm is owned by an incredible family. The parents are there to help, the venue is run by the husband, their kids were helping throughout the entire day in every way! How incredible!

What I loved about this day wasn’t just the amazing colors or the glowy light, it was getting to know more about JR and Danielle's families. The joy and the excitement was overflowing and they are now happily married!!!

It was such a fun celebration and we loved getting to see friends and their families all day long! Don't forget to scroll and check out some of their amazing images. Also, don’t miss the sunset field portraits!!! They were timed perfectly and I cannot WAIT for all to see.

Enjoy seeing a visual recap of Danielle and JR's day and the gorgeous Cardinal Creek Farm in Leon, KS!!! …